We want to create an environment where a person from a small village, can be independent and can feed himself with basic skills and self-development. In short, Basic Education is a system that is meant to expand the concept of Rural Education. This was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi ji and it was propagated by many Gandhians like Jugatram, Nanabhai Bhatt and Manubhai Pancholi. In this education method, the student has to learn and adopt Self-Help, Simplicity, Khadi, Spinning, Agriculture and other Small Skills for a better life. Inculcation of life values is the primary goal of this Education Method. This Method brings out the best excerpts from a person and we call this ‘Basic Education Method’.

The Basic Education method initiated by Gandhi ji was then washed out due to acceptance of the western culture. As time passed, all our efforts to maintain this Education Method were unleashed. With this, the concept of Basic Education then vanished with the acceptance of the modern education system. Now, this is the time for all of us to realize the importance of Basic Education.

There have been periodical attempts to revive this idea for a better education. It is a pleasure to see a rare event taking shape in the upcoming days to support and to promote the Basic Education. At this time of PadYatra, it is necessary to know more about Basic Education. In the year 1937, Gandhi ji started a tremendous movement for the promotion of National Language and Basic Education for the nation. From the same “Wardha Education Scheme” or “Basic Education” originated in 1937. For almost a decade this idea has been more or less agitated. It is said that in 1947 and in the subsequent years, the work for Basic Education was done well. A famous Gandhian, Maganbhai Desai had noted this information in an article written on ‘Basic Education’ dated 07/07/1980.

The concept of Basic Education was initially implemented by Gandhiji in 1920. The idea of Basic Education adopted by Gandhi ji was not totally different from that of those already existing, but the only difference was in his role. The propagation of Basic Education and a favourable culture for the same was created through the glorious efforts made at that time.

‘Wardha Education Scheme’ was an ultimate gift to India from Gandhi ji. The national principle of the complete rehabilitation of the education system was introduced in the Wardha Education Scheme. In this education system, there was a concept of overall education and special education. The overall education that all the citizens should get is termed as Basic Education. The special education, which we know as higher education, had concepts of Literature, Arts, Industries and the Nation essential information.

The PadYatra taking shape in the upcoming days will be a milestone in the field of Basic Education not only for India but also across the globe. In this PadYatra, a move towards the rehabilitation of the education system will get a universal reception. With this, I have full faith that all Gandhians will support this movement with all affection and dedication.

– Ravji Gabani


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