Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at office

1. To give boost to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Hon’ble MoS had a round of inspection of the premises of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on 17h March, 2017 in Transport Bhawan and observed that lighting was very poor in some sections, a large number of files were found lying randomly on almirahas and tables, many rooms were quite untidy, unused articles, furniture etc. were lying in the corridors, electric wires were found hanging in the corridors and some rooms also and cleanliness of corridors and rooms was very poor.

2. Hon’ble MoS directed to take the following measures:
i) Special cleanliness drive may be carried out in office premises.
ii) Removal/weeding out exercise of old records and files my be undertaken immediately.
iii) Removal/disposal of unused/obsolete articles may be done from sections/corridors immediately.
iv) Decluttering of work stations should be done by one and all in the Ministry.
v) Regular and proper cleaning of all furniture/fixtures and other office articles kept in the office/work stations may be done.
vi) Light and other electrical gadgets should be switched off when not in use. Staff should be motivated to develop a habit for energy conservation.
vii) Dusting and vacuum cleaning of records in the record room and sections on regular intervals may be done.
viii) Proper cleaning and upkeep of washrooms, corridors and other common areas in the office premises may be regularly done.
ix) Provision of dustbins at appropriate places may be made in office corridors and other places.

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